Eddie hall bench press routine

Christopher Bailey. I was obsessed. We just trained heavy all year. I consistently train heavy but never one-rep max. If I can do more than six reps, I add more weight next time.

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The only thing I changed was that I cut down on assistance exercises for smaller muscles like biceps, calves, and abs. I was putting too much energy and recovery into repairing those muscles when I needed to be focusing on the big, key muscles, like quads and glutesthat do the brunt of the work. Some strongmen have separate days for gym and event training, but I find it more effective to combine the two. If you are going to train yoke, you want to thrash your legs first to get them burned out.

The British strongman became the only the third person to hold the tit I had regular therapy four or five times a week, plus additional sessions to treat any niggles.

eddie hall bench press routine

But physical therapy is crucial. My family understood it was what I needed to do to be the best and left me to it. The Beast recently posted a video where he is seen benching two grown I just did squats, leg press, and yoke.

But to do those three exercises could take four hours. Remember, I could be squatting kg-plus lbs. I did the same on leg press, working up to huge amounts of weight and having plenty of rest between sets. This day was about building my pressing power. Again, I kept it simple and had long rests between sets.

Strongman Eddie Hall Tries to Bench Press as Much as the World Record Holder

I took it nice and easy, working up to a megaheavy weight on the presses and then just doing one set on triceps. I had something small to eat first thing, then did an hour of cardio, which could be tire flipping, sled pushing, or boxing.

Again, I kept things simple.Eddie Hall is one of the most famous Strongmen of all time. If I can do more than six reps, I add more weight next time.

Eddie says he cut out a lot of the assistance work he was doing on body parts like biceps, calves, and abs. Eddie also combined his classic gym work with event training.

eddie hall bench press routine

He would deliberately pre-exhaust himself for many of the events like the yolk carry, both to force adaptation and simulate competition. Monday was for legs, which meant squats, leg press, and yoke. One session might take up to four hours. These heavy movements tax the nervous system and require a lot of rest. Tuesday was for chest. Eddie would usually do some combination of flat bench, incline bench, and a pressing event.

Wednesday would be a recovery day, but far from a day off. He did some cardio, pool work, physical therapy, contrast bathing, and eat several massive meals. Thursday was for back: deadlifts and some assistance exercises like lat pulldowns and a rows. Fridays were shoulder days: Eddie did dumbbell presses, working up to 30 to 40 reps using pound dumbbells, then transitioned into log press and finished with some side delts. My family understood it was what I needed to do to be the best and left me to it.

I was obsessed. GI Brands. News Strongman. Share on Facebook. Eddie Hall is an absolute beast. He is strong as hell.Because if you want to learn about the deadlift, there is no one more accomplished than Eddie. Hall is the current title holder for the deadlift world record of half a ton, kg, 1, It is no wonder that Eddie is known as the Beast. He performed his most famous feat of deadlift strength on July 10,in front of 10, fans at the World Deadlift Championships in Leeds, England.

This historic display of superhuman strength still stands today. The Beast started his athletic career as a Rugby player and competitive swimmer as a teenager. Despite being expelled from Clayton High School at the age of 15 and becoming a car mechanic, he achieved worldwide fame for his strongman and deadlift titles. He originally trained as a bodybuilder and then qualified for strongman competition in at the age of On July 10,he set the current world record of half a ton, kg deadlift 1, Immediately after this jaw-dropping deadlift, Eddie Hall nearly died from bursting blood vessels in his brain.

He lost consciousness and temporarily lost his vision. As a result, Hall retired from Strongman competitions because of health concerns and devotion to his wife Alexandra Hall and their two children. One of the only other men on the planet who appears poised to do a kg deadlift is American Jerry Pritchett. Watch Jerry makes deadlift of 1, pounds on an elephant bar:. Or you can also use masking tape on the floor under the barbell to see where midfoot is for your feet.

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A good cue for how wide your grip should be is to line up your thumbs with the middle of your shin and then grip the bar. Instead of letting the bar crash to the floor, lightly tap the bar on the floor between reps. A fascinating tip is not to waste time and energy deadlifting the bar to a full lockout position.

Because the hardest part is deadlifting the weight to the knee. Therefore, that is where most of your training should be. Deadlift to a full lockout position once a month.

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Why waste time and energy training for the last half of the deadlift if the first half is the most difficult?

Always work between a 10 and 12 rep range for smaller deadlift assistance muscles, like your lats which are relatively small compared to the main muscle groups used by the deadlift. For compound movements like the squat, deadlift and bench press, 5 or 6 reps is enough to fatigue the muscles worked.

Once your muscle gets used to lifting heavy, why go backward? Eddie recommends the Texas deadlift bar. He pulled kg for a world record that still stands using the Texas bar.

He also suggests using the deadlift deadener.As a former World's Strongest Man winner, Eddie Hall is constantly pushing himself to new extremes—to the point where he has lost control and pooped mid-press in not one but two of his leg day training videos on YouTube.

In his latest post, Hall sets his sights on a new goal: can he manage to break the world record for heaviest incline dumbbell press without soiling himself? Hall eases himself into things by pressing 50 kilos to start, moving up to 70, then 80, and finally He recalls that the last time he tried lifting the kilo dumbbells, he ended up injuring himself, tearing a pec which led to him taking time off to heal.

The record for heaviest incline dumbbell press is kilos, and is currently held by strongman Larry Wheels. So Hall attempts to set a new record, attaching extra weights onto the kilo dumbbells, bringing them up to kilos, or approximately pounds. You can buy kilo dumbbells, but they'll set you back a couple thousand dollars.

He has to have his team hand the bells to him once he's in position on the incline bench. Hall manages one full rep, then drops the dumbbells midway through the second, as they're so damn heavy. He goes on to say that kilos is a personal best, and as far as he's aware, it's also a world record.

I'm shaking. A lot of adrenaline Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Eddie Hall YouTube. Men's Health. Subscribe to Men's Health. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Fitness.Each one is written by experts in their field; we're talking to celebrity PTs, professional athletes, specialist brands and champion sports coaches, all of whom are here to give you the body you want.

Meet Eddie Hall. The man would give The Mountain a run for his money. He just deadlift half a ton. His nickname is 'The Beast'. Over to you Eddie Not a strongman? Don't worry. Plus, because the moves below focus on your back, you'll fill out a t-shirt like never before. This is suitable for anyone and can be used from day one.

You just need to adapt the weights to suit your current limits. That way, when you grip the bar and drop your hips your shins will touch the bar which is the perfect position to start a deadlift. This technique allows you to train your fast twitch muscles on the way down and the slow twitch muscles on the way up. Again, pull in fast and return slow to fire the fast and slow twitch muscles.

Keep a slight bend in your knee but legs nearly straight to prevent injury and keep your back dead straight. This should build your glutes and hamstrings in order to assist with your deadlift top section of the lift. Eddie Hall is an ambassador for sports nutrition brand Protein Dynamix.

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eddie hall bench press routine

Here's His Workout. Grooming Fragrances Hair Shaving Skin.

Eddie Hall's Ultimate Strength Workout

AskMen on Facebook. AskMen on Twitter. AskMen on Flipboard. AskMen on Google News. All Rights Reserved.His YouTube channel he has taken on a World's Strongest Woman winner in a pound-for-pound contest, and he's even worked out with his hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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He's also always game for tests of strength which are bound to end in embarrassment, like the time he tried lifting a kettlebell with his dick and ballsor when he leg pressed so much that he passed out and pooped himself. So it should come as absolutely no surprise that Hall is well up for an afternoon of bench pressing and a chest day workout with the guy who just happens to have set a world record in the exercise. Julius Maddox became the world record holder in the raw bench press after lifting pounds in September For contrast, the most Hall has ever benched in a contest is kilograms, around pounds.

Maddox recalls how, at the time, he felt he could have lifted as much as pounds—but he was wise enough to stop before he strained himself too hard and risked an injury. Maddox starts off the session by schooling Hall on his bench press technique. Maddox also says that the barpath should be a "J" shape, to fully activate the triceps. Maddox admits that he was hoping to achieve a new PR lift while shooting the video with Hall, but he spotted a few things with the gym equipment that made him reluctant to go all out—a sobering reminder that when you're lifting that much, the slightest error can lead to a potentially life-endangering accident.

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This measured approach is something Maddox permanently keeps in mind during his training, and he always allows plenty of time to rest between sessions so as to avoid tearing muscles his muscles too much. After they're done on the incline bench, Maddox does a series accessory moves like of lat pulldowns, which Hall notes are good for the recovery process "as it helps get blood through the muscle.

Julius has this method where for every push he does two pulls, and it makes sense, because you need those stabilizing muscles in the back to get you in that position to push forward. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Eddie Hall YouTube. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Eddie Hall

More From Fitness.In his workout he calls "Opposites Attract," Maximus prescribes switching between deadlifts and bench presses until you've done 75 reps of each. Use a light weight—Maximus recommends pounds—so you can get through the exercise as fast as possible, which is the goal. And be sure to watch out for your deadlift form—since you are using a lighter weight, you shouldn't be straining yourself too much.

530lbs bench for reps + Full chest workout

Your shoulders shouldn't be rounded and your back should be straight. It's okay for your back to feel a little bit sore afterwards, but if your back hurts to the point where you can't do anything without being in pain, your form might need some help.


Here are six mistakes you might be making that are messing up your back. Deadlift: 15 reps, pounds 2. Bench press: 15 reps, pounds 3. Repeat for five total rounds this equals out to 75 reps of each exercise. This is a great total-body circuit that will work your chest, arms, shoulders, abs, legs, back, and glutes. Add it into your regular routine, and you'll see your muscles popping in no time. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Directions: Perform the following exercises in order.

Repeat for five total rounds this equals out to 75 reps of each exercise This is a great total-body circuit that will work your chest, arms, shoulders, abs, legs, back, and glutes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Fitness.

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